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Kingdom of ThailandPhleng Chat

犹€犧巵ケ・ク吭ク巵ク」犧ー犧癌クイ犧」犧ア犧・犹・ク憫ク伶クもクュ犧・ケ・ク伶ク「犧伶クク犧≒クェ犹謂クァ犧・br> 犧ュ犧「犧ケ犹謂ク扉クウ犧」犧・ク・ク・ケ・クァ犹霞ケ・ク扉ケ霞ク伶クア犹霞ク・ク。犧ァ犧・
犧扉ケ霞クァ犧「犹・ク伶ク「犧・犹霞クァ犧吭クォ犧。犧イ犧「 犧」犧ア犧≒クェ犧イ犧。犧ア犧・ク・br> 犹・ク伶ク「犧吭クオ犹霞ク」犧ア犧≒クェ犧・ク・犹≒ク歩ケ謂ク籾クカ犧・ク」犧壟ケ・ク。犹謂クもク・犧イ犧・br> 犹€犧ュ犧≒ク」犧イ犧癌ク謂クー犹・ク。犹謂ケ・クォ犹霞ケ・ク・ク」犧もケ謂ク。犧もクオ犹・br> 犧ェ犧・犧ー犹€犧・犧キ犧ュ犧扉ク伶クク犧≒クォ犧「犧イ犧扉ケ€犧巵ケ・ク吭ク癌クイ犧歩クエ犧樅ク・犧オ
犹€犧籾ク・犧エ犧・ク巵ク」犧ー犹€犧伶クィ犧癌クイ犧歩クエ犹・ク伶ク「犧伶クァ犧オ 犧。犧オ犧癌クア犧「 犧癌ケもク「

Thailand unites flesh and blood of Thais.
Nation of the people; belonging to the Thais in every respect.
Long maintained [has been] the independence
Because the Thais seek, and love, unity.
Thais are peace-loving;
But at war we're no cowards.
Sovereignty will not be threatened
Sacrificing every drop of blood for the nation
Hail the nation of Thailand, long last the victory, Hurrah

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About Anthem

"Phleng Chat" ("犹€犧樅ク・犧・ク癌クイ犧歩クエ") is the national anthem of Thailand. It was adopted on 10 December 1939. The melody was composed by Peter Feit (Thai name: Phra Jenduriyang), 1883-1968, the son of a German immigrant and royal advisor for music. The words are by Luang Saranupraphan. "Phleng Chat" is Thai for "national anthem", and the song does not officially have any other name.

The anthem was composed a few days after the 1932 coup, and was first broadcast in July 1932. The original lyrics were by Khun Wichitmatra. In 1939, when the name of the country was changed from Siam to Thailand, a competition was launched to create new lyrics, with those by Luang Saranuprapan winning.

Prime minister Phibunsongkhram ordered the anthem to be played every day at 8.00 and 18.00, and ordering the populace to stand up to show respect for the nation. That law is still in force today (photo: 60th anniversary of the accession of Bhumibol Adulyadej /source: Wikipedia).