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Slovak Republic Nad Tatrou sa blテスska

Nad Tatrou sa blテスska
hromy divo bijテコ.
Zastavme ich bratia,
ved' sa ony stratia,
Slovテ。ci oナセijテコ.

There is lightning over the Tatra,
thunderclaps are striking ferociously.
Let us stop them, brothers,
(you will see that) they will disappear,
the Slovaks will revive.

To Slovensko naナ。e
posiaトセ tvrdo spalo.
Ale blesky hromu
vzbudzujテコ ho k tomu,
aby sa prebralo.

This, our Slovakia
has long been fast asleep.
But the lightning of the thunder
is rousing it
to wake up.

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About Anthem

Nad Tatrou sa blテスska is the national anthem of Slovakia. The song arose in 1844 during a campaign of the students of the Evangelic Lutheran Lyceum of Bratislava to the town of Levoト溝 in protest against the deprival of トスudovテュt ナtテコr by Hungarian authorities.

The text was written by Janko Matテコナ。ka in 1844 during the campaign, but the melody was taken from the folk song Kopala studienku (She was digging a little well). It became popular during the Slovak Volunteer campaigns of 1848/1849. However, it was published in print only in 1851.

In 1920 the first verse became part of the Czechoslovak anthem, which consisted of the present-day Czech anthem Kde domov mナッj followed by the first part of the present-day Slovak anthem. In 1993, the first two verses became the national anthem of independent Slovakia (photo: Bratislava old town from castle hill /source: Wikipedia).