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RomaniaDeナ殳eaptト・te, romテ「ne!

Deナ殳eaptト・te, romテ「ne,
din somnul cel de moarte,
テ始 care te-adテ「ncirト・barbarii
de tirani Acum ori niciodatト・br> croieナ殳e-ナ」i altト・soarte,
La care sト・se-nchine
ナ殃 cruzii tトナ duナ殞ani.

Wake up, O Romanian, from your deadly sleep
Into which you've been sunk by the barbaric tyrants
Now, as at no other time, create yourself a new fate,
To which your cruel enemies will also bow.

Acum ori niciodatト・sト・dトノ dovezi
テョn lume Cト・n aste mテ「ni mai
curge un sテ「nge de roman,
ナ枴 cト・n a noastre piepturi
pトピtrトノ cu falト・un nume Triumfトフor
テョn lupte, un nume de Traian.

Now or never let's give proof to the world
That in these hands still flows a Roman blood,
That in our chests we still maintain our pride in a name
The victor in his battles, the name of Trajan!

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About Anthem

The lyrics were composed by Andrei Mureナ歛nu (1816-1863) and the music by Anton Pann (1796-1854). It was written and published during the 1848 revolution, initially with the name "Un rトピunet" (An echo). It was first sung on July 29 of the same year in the city of Rテ「mnicu Vテ「lcea. It was immediately accepted as the revolutionary anthem and renamed "Deナ殳eaptト・te, romテ「ne".

Since then, this song, which contains a message of liberty and patriotism, has been sung during all major Romanian conflicts, including during the 1989 anti-Communist revolution. After that revolution, it became the national anthem, replacing the communist-era national anthem "Trei culori" (Three colors) (photo: The Palace of the Parliament /source: Wikipedia)