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Greece (Hellenic Republic)Hymn to Freedom

ホ」ホオ ホウホスマ珂∃ッホカマ・ホアマ€マ・マ・キホス ホコマ狐夷キ
マ・ソマ・マρ€ホアホクホケホソマ・マ・キホス マ・∃ソホシホオマ∃ョ,
マπオ ホウホスマ珂∃ッホカマ・ホアマ€マ・マ・キホス マ狐夷キ
マ€ホソマ・ホシホオ ホイホッホア ホシホオマ・∃ャホオホケ マ・キ ホウホキ.

I shall always recognise you
by the dreadful sword you hold,
as the earth, with searching vision,
will rule, with spirit bold.

ホ耐€窶・マ・ア ホコマ湖コホコホアホサホア ホイホウホアホサホシホュホスホキ
マ・火ス ホ偏サホサホョホスマ火ス マ・ア ホケホオマ∃ャ,
ホコホアホケ マπアホス マ€マ・煮・ア ホアホスホエマ∃オホケマ火シホュホスホキ,
マ・アホッマ∃オ, マ・マ・アホッマ∃オ, ホ偏サホオマ・クホオマ∃ケホャ!

Twas the Greeks of old whose dying
brought to birth our spirit free,
now, with ancient valour rising,
let us hail you, oh liberty!

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The Hymn to Freedom (ホ斜シホスホソマ・ホオホケマ・マ・キホス ホ偏サホオマ・クホオマ∃ッホアホス テ肯nos is tin Eleftherテュan) is a poem written by Dionテスsios Solomテウs in 1823 that consists of 158 stanzas, set to music by Nikolaos Mantzaros. In 1865, the first two stanzas officially became the national anthem of Greece and later also that of the Republic of Cyprus (photo: the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens /source: Wikipedia).