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Kingdom of DenmarkDer er et yndigt land

Der er et yndigt land,
det star med brede boge
nar salten osterstrand.
Det bugter sig i bakke, dal,
det hedder gamle Danmark,
og det er Frejas sal.

There is a lovely country
it stands with broad beeches
near the salty eastern beach
It winds itself in hill, valley,
it is called old Denmark
and it is Freja's hall

Der sad i fordums tid
de harniskkladte kamper,
udhvilede fra strid
Sa drog de frem til fjenders men,
nu hvile deres bene
bag hojens bautasten


There sat in former times,
the armour-suited warriors,
rested from conflict
Then they journeyed forwards to their
nemies' injury,
now their bones are resting
behind the mound's menhir

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About Anthem

"Der er et yndigt land" ("There is a Lovely Land") is the (civil) national anthem of Denmark. If the royal family is present, the royal anthem, "Kong Kristian", is used.

In common use, only the first stanza and the last three verses of the fourth stanza are used. The first half of the last stanza is rarely heard. The last verse of each stanza is repeated once (photo: Christiansborg Palace /source: Wikipedia).