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The Czech RepublicWhere is My Home?

Kde domov mナッj, kde domov mナッj?
Voda huト催ュ po luト絞nテ。ch,
bory ナ。umテュ po skalinテ。ch,
v sadト・skvテュ se jara kvト孚,
zemskテス rテ。j to na pohled,
A to je ta krテ。snテ。 zemト・
zemト・ト稿skテ。, domov mナッj,
zemト・ト稿skテ。, domov mナッj.

Where is my home? Where is my home?
Water murmurs across meadows
Pinewoods rustle over the rockies,
Bloom of spring shines in the orchard,
Paradise on Earth to see!
And that is the beautiful country,
The Czech land, my home!
The Czech land, my home!

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About Anthem

Kde domov mナッj? (Where is My Home?) is the national anthem of the Czech Republic.

The song was written by the composer Frantiナ。ek ナkroup and the playwrighter Josef Kajetテ。n Tyl as a part of the comedy Fidlovaト耕a aneb ナステ。dnテス hnト孥 a ナセテ。dnテ。 rvaト耕a (Fidlovaト耕a, Or No Anger And No Brawl).

It was performed for the first time in the Stavovskテゥ divadlo (Estates Theatre) in Prague on December 21, 1834. The original song consists of two strophes (see below). Although J. K. Tyl is said to had considered leaving the song out of the play, not convinced of its quality, it soon became very popular among Czech folks and was accepted as an informal anthem of a nation willing to revive its identity within the Habsburg Empire (photo: Tテスn Church in Prague /source: Wikipedia).