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Republic of CroatiaLijepa naナ。a domovino

Our beautiful homeland,
O so fearless and gracious.
Our fathers' ancient glory,
May you be blessed forever.

Dear, you are our only glory,
Dear, you are our only one,
Dear, we love your plains,
Dear, we love your mountains.


Sava, Drava, keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigour,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
That a Croat loves his homeland.

Whilst his fields are kissed by sunshine,
Whilst his oaks are whipped by wild winds,
Whilst his dear ones go to heaven,
Whilst his live heart beats.


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About Anthem

Lijepa naナ。a domovino ("Our Beautiful Homeland") is the national anthem of Croatia. It was the anthem of the Socialist Republic of Croatia, and became that of the Republic of Croatia upon the declaration of independence in 1991.

The original lyrics were written by Antun Mihanoviト・and first published under the title Horvatska domovina ("Croatian homeland") in 1835. The music was composed by Josip Runjanin in 1846 (photo: Dubrovnik's Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site /source: Wikipedia).