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Republic of BulgariaMila Rodino ("ミ慴クミサミー ミミセミエミクミスミセ")

ミ寅セム€ミエミー ミ。ムひーム€ミー ミソミサミーミスミクミスミー,
ミエミセ ミスミオミケ ミ飯σスミーミイミー ム・クミスミオミケ,
ム・サム諌スム・オ ミ「ム€ミーミコミクム・ミセミウム€ム紹イミー,
ミスミーミエ ミ渙クム€ミクミスミー ミソミサミーミシミオミスミオミケ.

Stately Old Mountain,
next to it the Danube sparkles,
the sun shines over Thrace,
flames over Pirin.

Mミクミサミー ミミセミエミクミスミセ,
ムひク ム・ク ミキミオミシミオミス ム€ミーミケ,
ムひイミセミケムひー ム・σアミセム・・ ムひイミセミケムひー ミソム€ミオミサミオム・・
ミーム・ ムひオ ミスム紹シミーム・ミコム€ミーミケ.

Dear Motherland,
you are paradise on earth,
your beauty, your charm,
ah, they are boundless.

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About Anthem

"Mila Rodino" is the current national anthem of Bulgaria. It is based on the music and text of the song "Gorda Stara Planina" by Tsvetan Radoslavov, written and composed as he left to fight in the Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885. The anthem was adopted in 1964. The text has been changed numerous times, last in 1990 (photo: Central Sofia with the National Assembly of Bulgaria /source: Wikipedia).