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UkraineUkraine's glory has not perished

ミゥミオ ミスミオ ミイミシミオム€ミサミー ミ」ミコム€ミーム厘スミク ム・ム・サミーミイミー, ム・ミイミセミサム・
ミゥミオ ミスミーミシ, ミアム€ミームびび・ミシミセミサミセミエム毛・ ムτ・シム毛・スミオムび袴・・ミエミセミサム・
ミ厘ウミクミスムτび・ミスミーム尉・ミイミセム€ム孟カミオミスム糊コミク, ム紹コ ム€ミセム・ー ミスミー ム・セミスム・ス林・
ミ厘ーミソミーミスムτ頒シ ム・ミシミク, ミアム€ミームびび・ ム・ム・イミセム厘ケ ム・ひセム€ミセミスム・・

Ukraine's glory hasn't perished, nor her freedom
Upon us, fellow compatriots, fate shall smile once more.
Our enemies will vanish, like dew in the morning sun,
And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own.

ミ飯τ尉・ミケ ムび孟サミセ ミシミク ミソミセミサミセミカミクミシ ミキミー ミスミーム尉・ム・イミセミアミセミエム・
ミ・ミソミセミコミーミカミオミシ, ム禍セ ミシミク, ミアム€ミームびび・ ミコミセミキミーム・糊コミセミウミセ ム€ミセミエム・

We'll lay down our souls and bodies to attain our freedom,
And we'll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation.

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About Anthem

Shche ne vmerla Ukrainy(Ukraine's glory has not perished) is the national anthem of Ukraine. The lyrics constitute a slightly modified original first stanza of the patriotic poem written in 1862 by Pavlo Chubynsky, a prominent ethnographer from the region of Ukraine's capital, Kiev.

In 1863, Mykhaylo Verbytsky, a western Ukrainian composer and a Greek-Catholic priest composed music to accompany Chubynsky's text. The first choral performance of the piece was at the Ukraine Theatre in Lviv, in 1864(image: Main square of Kiev /source: Wikipedia).