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Trittst im Morgenrot daher,
Seh' ich dich im Strahlenmeer,
Dich, du Hocherhabener, Herrlicher!
Wenn der Alpenfirn sich rテカtet,
Betet, freie Schweizer, betet!
Eure fromme Seele ahnt
Gott im hehren Vaterland,
Gott, den Herrn, im hehren Vaterland.

When the morning skies grow red
And o'er us their radiance shed,
Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light.
When the Alps glow bright with splendour,
Pray to God, to Him surrender,
For you feel and understand,
That He dwelleth in this land.

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About Anthem

The "Swiss Psalm" is the national anthem of Switzerland.

Its history dates back to 1841, when the anthem was composed by Alberich Zwyssig (1808-1854). Since then it has been frequently sung on patriotic events. The Federal Council declined however on numerous occasions to accept the psalm as the official anthem. This was because they wanted the people to decide what they liked as the national song.

From 1961, it provisionally replaced "Rufst Du mein Vaterland" ("When you call, my fatherland"; in French: "O Monts indテゥpendants"; in Italian: "Ci chiami o patria"; in Romansh: "E clomas, tger paeis"; in German commonly called "Heil dir, Helvetia") the anthem by Johann Rudolf Wyss (1743-1818) to the melody of "God Save the Queen".

Finally on April 1, 1981 it was declared the official Swiss national anthem (photo: the Matterhorn in canton Valais /source: Wikipedia).