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Gunkan March

About Anthem

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"Gunkan March" is a march composed by Tokichi SETOGUCHI (1868-1941) in the beginning 1900's.. it used to be played at the Pachinko parlors in Japan as elevator music (lift music) in thel late 20 century.

Today, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) plays this march officially at its ceremony(image: The Imperial Japanese Navy's Yamato /source: Wikipedia).

Lyrics and Translation

豬ョ縺ケ繧句沁縺樣シ縺ソ縺ェ繧・br> 豬ョ縺ケ繧九◎縺ョ蝓取律縺ョ譛ャ縺ョ
逧・嵜・医∩縺上↓・峨・蝗帶婿・医h繧ゑシ峨r螳医k縺ケ縺・br> 逵滄延・医∪縺後・・峨・縺昴・濶ヲ・医・縺ュ・画律縺ョ譛ャ縺ォ

Iron castle on the sea

For the offense and defense
we trust in thee

To the bloody and deadly foe

Thy strikest a heavy blow

[unofficial translation]