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Republic of KoreaAegukga

About Anthem

Aegukga is the national anthem of South Korea, though it is not legally recognized as such. The title literally means "The Song of Love for the Country," or "The Patriotic Song." (source: Wikipedia).


・呰紛 ・シ・シ ・ア・川げ・エ ・壱・エ・ ・ウ・・。・br> 﨑俯叶・們擽 ・エ・ー﨑們ぎ ・ー・ャ・俯攵 ・護┷

Until the East Sea's waters and Baekdu Mountain are dry and worn away,
God protects and helps us. May our nation be eternal!

・ィ・ー ・・乱 ・€ ・誤x・エ ・・卓揆 ・尖・ク ・ッ
・罷梃・罹ヲャ ・壱ウ€﨑ィ・€ ・ー・ャ ・ー・・攵・ク

The pinetree atop Nam Mountain is unchangeable under wind and frost as if wrapped in armour,our spirit as it is.